NODE15 Forum for Digital Arts
April 27th – May 3rd 2015, Frankfurt

NODE is a meeting of international designers, creative coders, digital artists, and creative minds that explores boundary-pushing approaches to technology, digital art and culture. The biennial festival assembles interdisciplinary people who transcend the borders between art, design, and programming.

more than 50 workshops. From Beginner to Expert. From 3D Printing to Occulus Rift and Kinect.
Hackspaces, Project presentations, panels & discussions.

60 experts with selected vvvv specialties or other super powers share their knowledge

Symposium, Exhibition, Artist talks, Audio visual performances, meeting good friends in the best week of the year.


From April 27th – May 3rd 2015
we are gathering designers, creative coders and digital artists for the 4th edition of the biennial festival for creative explorations of technologies. With the Leitmotif ‘Wrapped in Code – the future of the informed body’, NODE15 is devoted to the negotiation of the body and its fusion with technology.


Wrapped in Code - the future of the informed body
The symposium is the forum to speculate about the political and social dimensions of this years leitmotif «Wrapped in Code». In a one-day cross-disciplinary tour-de-force going from interaction design to dance music, medicine, surveillance, fashion and warfare, we will present makers, researchers, designers, artists and journalists who shift and discuss the boundaries of code with our human body. Although the symposion will talk about technology, the focal point is always the changing role of our own body. 

For additional stories on the leitmotif, listen to the podcasts!

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NODE15 offers five days packed with workshops around vvvv, curated by the vvvv group itself. The workshops are the center platform for discussing, teaching and sharing knowledge.
There are the obvious entry level courses for beginners, more advanced topics for people already familiar with vvvv and some hardcore hacking stuff to bleed out even those who think they already know everything.

For a more general overview on latest projects and ideas of the workshop hosts, visit the "Of Patches and Projects" talk series. Join the "Patcher Kucha" talks for presenting your own work and getting to know surprising talent that is being discovered during the week.

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Exhibition 'The Informed Body'

The NODE15 exhibition 'The Informed Body' offered impulses for an explorative engagement with the festival’s leitmotif.
Exhibiting artists: Aram Bartholl, Antoni Rayzhekov & Katharina Köller, BeAnotherLab, Carolin Liebl & Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler, Chris Sugrue, Depart, Georg Scherlin & Amir Bastan, Golan Levin, Gregor Woschitz, Herwig Turk, IOCOSE, Jeremy Bailey, Jörg Brinkmann, Lauren McCarthy & Kyle McDonald, Lisa Bergmann, PanGenerator, Schnellebuntebilder & Kling Klang Klong, Simon Renaud & Véronique Pêcheux, Stefan Tiefengraber, Susanna Hertrich, Woeishi Lean & Quadrature, Quayola and more...
Associated Projects and Installations

NODE invited a series of further associated projects and installations of the university and partner network from spatial sound to interactive installations. NODE15 presented a series of FRAMED*2.0 for displaying your artwork during NODE15. The call for submissions is now closed. 

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NODE15 is dedicated to the negotiation of the human body throughout current technological developments and how this is being expressed in our present projects; utopias; and fictions. We will reflect on processes of embodiment; the integral role of the body in perception and interaction; as location of implicit knowledge; and as a tool we constantly try to extend and optimize. 
When observing recent design developments we may assume that all is directed to an ideal state of complete seamlessness. We observe the virtualisation and dematerialisation of anything that is bound to decay. Design is focussed on the creation of intelligent surroundings which free us from the necessity of physical effort. 
Critical tasks such as health and mental care are being undertaken by robots while wars are being fought by remotely controlled drones. Roles formerly performed by human beings have undergone a process of disembodiment. We have reached a critical point and have to wonder if this process has started to run independently from actual human needs and nature. And in fact, we find spheres in which the human body slowly reclaims the attention it deserves. NODE15 focuses on this revival of the body.
The festival will address the relation of flesh and consciousness in the interdependent evolution of humankind and technology. It starts from the gradual incorporation of instruments and processes into the body. Gadgets and algorithms optimize our daily life and virtual reality devices try to connect our physical bodies to potentially any virtual space and time. 
NODE15 invites projects that investigate how these processes shape our perception and consciousness; how they alter communication and interaction with humans or machines. Coders, artists, scientists and developers will quarrel with the question, which significance to give to our flesh and shell called body.