Remote Control – Sprechstunde#2

Remote Control – Sprechstunde#2

Exhibition - The Informed Body

A discussion with IOCOSE and Stefan Tiefengraber about the psychological bond between body and machine. 

In a series of conversations with exhibiting artists, we will address the festival's leitmotif from an artistic and critical point of view. We will talk about artistic practices, specific works of art and the informed body. Join and discuss with us in the "Sprechstunde" at Mousonturm, 1st floor. More info coming soon.

With the exhibition curators Jeanne Charlotte Vogt & Alexandra Waligorski.

Event Type: 
Artist Talk
Mousonturm, Foyer 1


APRIL 27th 19:30
Sprechstunde#1 - pplkpr Presentation

APRIL 28th 19:30
Sprechstunde#2 - Remote Control

MAY 2nd 15:30
Sprechstunde#3 - Strange Bodies