Sprechstunde#1 - "pplkpr" Lauren McCarthy & Kyle McDonald

Sprechstunde#1 - "pplkpr" Lauren McCarthy & Kyle McDonald

Exhibition - The Informed Body

While selftracking devices are on the rise to revolutionize our daily workout, Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald created a tool to maintain your social relationships healthy. The app pplkpr (People Keeper) analyses your physical reaction towards your social encounters and auto-manages your contacts and social life in a - both physically and mentally - healthier way. During NODE15 pplkpr will analyse the social encounters among festival participants using the app. pplkpr will suggest promising new encounters and tell you whom to avoid of the festival crowd. 

Get the app and join the experiment with the social body of NODE15.

In the first NODE-Sprechstunde Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald will present their new project "pplkpr". 


More information on pplkpr.com.

Event Type: 
Artist Talk
Mousonturm, Foyer 1


APRIL 27th 19:00
Sprechstunde#1 - pplkpr Presentation

APRIL 28th 19:30
Sprechstunde#2 - Remote Control

MAY 2nd 15:30
Sprechstunde#3 - Strange Bodies