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The Informed Body - NODE15 Exhibition

NODE is a forum dedicated to diverse modes of reflection about technological and social phenomena. As part of the exhibition program, we host talks and workshops with artists and associated thinkers and makers. We initiate discussions that touch on the festival’s leitmotif as well as on our guest’s personal ideas and convictions. The "Sprechstunde", podcasts and other presentations offer an open space for the participating artists and the audience to discuss aspects of the leitmotif with a specific focus. The first Sprechstunde will be a kick-off for a festival-wide social experiment. We are looking forward to start the conversation!

Sprechstunde#1 - "pplkpr"
with Lauren McCarthy & Kyle McDonald
Mon, April 27th 19:00

Sprechstunde#2 - "Remote Control"
with Stefan Tiefengraber & IOCOSE
Tue, April 28th 19:30

Sprechstunde#3 - "Strange Bodies" 
with Carolin Liebl, Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler, Antoni Rayzhekov, Katharina Köller
Sat, May 2nd 15:30

A Podcast Series on 'The Informed Body'

The body is an interdisciplinary battlefield. Biology, anthropology, sociology, literature, theatre and basically all fields of science and arts have taught us lessons about what it means to have a body, to be a body, to bring another body into the world or to impersonate someone else's body. The same can be said about the question of embodiment in our technology driven society which has literally haunted science at least since the proclamation of the “corporeal turn” in the 1990s. In a series of podcast sessions, we have invited a group of exciting authors and scientists to contribute their thoughts.

The Authors

For NODE15, we have invited a group of exciting thinkers and dreamers to contribute their personal perspectives on the leitmotif. Their narrations form layers of alternative interpretations and enrich our understanding of “The Informed Body”. 

Podcast Series

"NODE - Körper - Kunst - Digitales"
by Dawid Kasprowicz

"Wrapped in Code –
The future of the informed body"

by Ingrid Scharlau
English     Deutsch

Zur neuen Mikroebene der Arbeit"

by Joanna Jurkiewicz

"Bewandtnis 2.0"
by Mareike Teigeler

by Martin Gierczak

Dawid Kasprowicz

Dawid Kasprowicz is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Advanced Study on "Media Cultures of Computer Simulations" at the Leuphana University Lüneburg. From 2005–2012, he studied Media Studies and Philosophy at the Ruhr-University Bochum and at the Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale in Dunkerque. He writes his PhD Thesis entitled: "Towards a History of Immersion".

Ingrid Scharlau

Ingrid Scharlau, professor for Cognitive Psychology at Paderborn University, studied Psychology, Philosophy and German language and literature at Bielefeld University. Doctoral thesis on Jean Piaget and Phenomenology in Pedagogics at Bochum University, habilitation in experimental Psychology at Bielefeld University again. Besides her experimental work on visual attention, time perception, and processing of unconscious information, she is interested in general questions of education and Bildung, academic writing and its teaching, higher education didactics and interdisciplinarity.

Joanna Jurkiewicz

Joanna Jurkiewicz, born 1985, studied sociology, born in 1985, studied Sociology, Art History and Visual Communication. In her work she focusses on interdisciplinary issues. Her research priority is on contemporary photography, affect theory and migration. She lives in Berlin.

Mareike Teigeler

Mareike Teigeler is a sociologist, researcher and lecturer at Leuphana University Lüneburg. Her dissertation”Unbehagen als Widerstand. Fluchtlinien der Kontrollgesellschaft” (The unease of opposition. Vanishing lines of a control society.) was published by transcript in 2011.

Martin Gierczak

Martin Gierczak was born in Groß Wartenberg-Sycow in 1985. He studied Psychology and Cultural Studies in Marburg (Lahn) and Leuphana University. He is an author of lyric poetry and prose miniatures in magazines and anthologies. He received an honorary award of the Jokers lyricism competition for his poem “Alle Raben” (All ravens). He lives in Hamburg, Germany.