Nodes in the Digital Art World

Nodes in the Digital Art World

‘Digital Art’ has been attracting a lot of attention from the art market, collectors and museums alike in the recent years. Will this sudden shift create new opportunities for artists working with code and those actively exploring and critiquing digital technologies to address a new and broader audience?

After a long history as a side branch of art, a subculture, and more recently implied by the ‘maker movement’, intriguing cultural artifacts and mesmerising installations are finding their way into museums, galleries and our living rooms. For curators, galleries and museums it’s time to think about ways to capture the sign of the times, but there are many conceptual and practical problems yet to solve.

What are the possibilities here? What tools and methodologies are available? What strategies and ideas are in development right now? Some questions reach even further:

Digital art lives in the virtual world and reaches out to the user in the physical world. Is it necessary to extract this kind of art from its natural habitat and put it into museums? Are museums even necessary for works that navigate the expanding digital networks and if so what could be their new role be? Is there a difference in experiencing an artwork online or in the real world? How does one  sell a work of art on the market when it’s available for everyone online?

This panel brings together four people who deal with different aspects of the topic in question. Filip Visnjic is the platform director at FRAMED* who are “bringing digital art into the everyday”. Manuel Rossner runs the online gallery cermâ where he hosted various exhibitions that extend real world locations. Carolien Teunisse and Sabrina Verhage are artists from the Netherlands who work on various projects on the intersection of the art world and technology.

hosted by Rosi Grillmair, NODE Forum for Digital Art
Admission: free
Photograph by: Kim Laughton, Substrate 
for »act natural« at cermâ gallery, 2015


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Mousonturm, Foyer 1

Sat May 2nd: 18:30, Mousonturm, 1. OG Foyer