Tanz in den Mai * Electrickery * Hard Work Soft Drink * Peter Kirn * Zanshin

Tanz in den Mai * Electrickery * Hard Work Soft Drink * Peter Kirn * Zanshin

This is the symposiums after party.

Peter Kirn (CDM, Berlin, live)

Peter Kirn is an electronic musician and technologist. Coming from a Classical music training, he has turned attentions now to a mix of ambient/experimental projects and live techno. He's known as the man behind daily music and live visual technology site CDM (createdigitalmusic.com), which he has produced for over ten years. Current collaborations include NERK/KIRN (Snork Enterprises, V-Records) and Alchemic Harm (with Lower Order Ethics), as well as work with Robert Lippok (raster noton). Together with NODE artist Darsha Hewitt, he has been leading the MusicMaker’s Hacklab at CTM Festival.

Zanshin (Depart, Ogris Debris, Affine Records, Vienna)

Zanshin is from Vienna and likes to play with sounds. A versatile beast, kind of a swiss army knife of electronic music. He enjoys banging out frenetic and frantic beat structures capable of blowing any rock formation to bits and pieces, he relishes the lush and 
lascivious green fields of thick synthesized ambiences. Exploring Zanshin will leave you with traces of any kind of broken step leading to classic electro flirting with abstract jazz and avantgarde. This is music that spreads from sweaty club floors to lonely rides on the night train with ease, a fractured panorama of emotional complexity. As part of the artist label Depart, he is also present within the NODE exhibition at Naxoshalle. 

Hard Work Soft Drink (OF/FFM)

No other than Offenbach and Frankfurt based Robert Johnson crew Hard Work Soft Drink will finally fade your quads away.

+ some magic visual wrapping by Michael Burk

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April 30th 23:00

7€ at the doors
5€ in advance at mousonturm.de

Included in the Symposium and/or the Repetitive Beats & Repetitive Conditionals Concert Ticket.