Opening Performance Movement C - Ulf Langheinrich

Opening Performance Movement C - Ulf Langheinrich

NODE15 opens with the dance performance MOVEMENT C by Austrian media artist Ulf Langheinrich. The piece contributes directly to the topic of the festival. With massive use of light, sound and 3D projections it shifts the cognitive limits of the audiences body.
Based on aesthetic principles developed in MOVEMENT A and MOVEMENT B, the work MOVEMENT C explores the uncertainties of images that are understood as real. This performance addresses each of its viewers as individuals, not as members of an audience. When experiencing MOVEMENT C, each viewer is at first preoccupied with the dancer, but eventually loses this awareness. No aspect of MOVEMENT C is designed to be spectacular; rather the intention is to cause a subtle sense of drift in the viewer’s perception; to act as a seductive attraction by means of aesthetic clarity, tranquility and depth. The show starts with movement of the dancer Yuebing Luo with light and sound. 3D projection and stroboscopic flickering articulates its steady continuum. At the end of the show only a vertical screen is left glowing.

However, MOVEMENT C is less about the images projected by the projector, but more about the images projected by the viewers’ imagination. 

Since the 1990s, when he was part of the group Granular Synthesis, Ulf Langheinrich develops large scale audiovisual installations and hulls the audience into immersive experiences. His works regularly appear in internationally renowned festival programs around the world. Yuebing Luo is a choreographer and dancer in Guangzhou, China. Luo is co-founder of the group "Free Will Stage" which combines classic theater and public space and thus pioneering work in the field of dance and performance in China does.


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Two Shows on Mon April 27th
20:00 & 21:30 

Workshop Pass holders can access for free but are required to get their tickets at the Mousonturm front desk until 15:00 on Mon April 27th.

Single Tickets available via Mousonturm 
€ 19,- / reduced (students etc.) € 9,-