Arduino & VVVVirmata

Arduino & VVVVirmata

The workshop offers an easy and straightforward way to get started with Arduino and VVVV without writing a single line of Arduino Code. The Arduino module, shipped with the vvvv addonpack, builds upon the Firmata library for Arduino, doing the _raw_ work for you. But, don't judge it too quickly, it offers a rich potential for non-code-writers up to _Arduino Experts_ as we will discover together.

We will start by seeing, how easy it is to make your patches _Arduino-enabled_, connect different types of sensors, a.k.a. _inputs_, and control physical stuff, known as _outputs_, as well as how to configure and tweak its options to your needs. Followed by peaks into the various ways the Firmata protocol offers as a connector between your board and your patch. The workshop is well suited for beginners up to intermediates with interest in electronics & rapid prototyping.

If you have patches or projects you always wanted to hook up to sensors and other electronics or the other way around, make sure to have them on your harddisk and they run on the current vvvversion. Also bring an Arduino & other electronics, if you like!

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Tuesday Afternoon
Naxoshalle, Pinky