Box2D Physics in vvvv

Box2D Physics in vvvv

let's get the ball rolling!

Box2D is an open source 2D physics engine best known for powering Angry Birds.

It provides a framework for developers to easily create 2D physics simulations, without dealing with complex maths. This workshop will give you an overview of the Box2D nodes and how to use them to build simple games and interactive environments.

There will be three parts:

Introduction and some theory:

  • Box2D terminology and understanding 2D physics
  • How does the Box2D world work in vvvv
  • Data flow, data handling and limitations

Basic setups in practice:

  • Create simple bodies (boxes, circles)
  • Create advanced bodies (polygon shapes, compound shapes)
  • Visualize bodies in the renderer
  • Use joints and forces to manipulate them

Taking it further:

  • Making a simple game
  • Building complex bodies and worlds with RUBE

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Saturday Afternoon
Naxoshalle, Pinky