BYOP - Bring Your Own Patch

BYOP - Bring Your Own Patch

...and we’ll try to improve it with you. That's it.

Everybody had the feeling that a patch behaves unreasonably. Bangs happening at wrong times, seemingly simple spread operation need 42 nodes, what the framedelay?! And wait, what was that number for? If you’re looking for the Software Engineering Patterns with vvvv workshop held at NODE13, this is what comes closest to that.

In this 3 hour session we will discuss real world patches. Your patches.

Send your patch (with a general description of what it does and how to operate it) to until April 20th so we can study it beforehand. We’ll have a look at them and try to clean/improve those that we find suitable for this exercise. Along the way you’ll learn about strategies of how to keep your patches readable and how to modularize your ideas into the right subpatches.

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Tuesday Afternoon
Naxoshalle, Middle