Empathetic technology design - part 1

Empathetic technology design - part 1

Mediating and transmitting subjective experiences through embodiment

For the past 3 years, BeAnotherLab has been working with an extended community of researchers, artists, and members of the public. With our initial vision to create a system to promote empathy between individuals, we have discovered the possibilities of its uses in a wide variety of contexts including conflict resolution, dance, or rehabilitation. In each scenario, to obtain the best results, the application needed to be codesigned with participants.

In the workshop, we will give a quick review of our process and of the different outcomes at festivals, art residencies and academic congresses. The relevant scientific literature on empathy and embodiment, that we based our work on, will be presented. We will give a detailed introduction to the open-source software and hardware of the Machine to be Another: how to build it, how to operate it, and possible future improvements. Finally, depending on participants skills and interests, we will run a short discussion/hacking/demo session to allow for hands-on experience of working with the Machine to be Another.

As usual with our workshops, we want to keep them as open-ended as possible, because they are an avenue for starting future collaborations. If the participants are interested, the workshop could be an opportunity to produce new experiments and new application scenarios over the remaining days. We are looking forward to your ideas! 



Participants can bring a laptop with openFrameworks for xcode or visual studio 2010 and github if they wish to run the software on their own computer. If you have one, bring an oculus rift so you can learn how to run a gender swap session. You're invited to bring bio sensors, heart rate sensors, microphones, webcams etc. We will bring some things to tinker with as well.

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Wednesday Morning

The workshop can be booked as a 3 or 6 hours workshop. Contents will not be repeated. For those who are interested in intense collaboration with BeAnotherLab, they are suggested to book 6 hours.

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