Interacting with Choreographic Installations

Interacting with Choreographic Installations

This workshop gives you hands-on experience of both the performer and software side of the choreographic installation Pathfinder. It is also an introduction to generative art and dance per se as we will present and briefly discuss existing artworks as well as the more recent experiments that came out of the Choreographic Coding Labs.

The timings and habits in the processes of creating a dance as opposed to developing code are very contrary. VVVV was originally born trying to bridge this gap: it allows for rapid prototyping and enhances the possibility to discuss and experiment in close peer-to-peer settings. We will make use of those features, offering control over the Pathfinder algorithm and attaching to its transformation data stream through VVVV. This allows the participants to shape the settings both for the human and the algorithmic performers. New movements can be set, new visual forms can be created.

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Tuesday Afternoon
Mousonturm, Thorax