Knitting with vvvv

Knitting with vvvv

How to control hacked electronic knitting machines.
The workshop invites you to explore the possibilities of generating pixel graphics with VVVV and translating them into textile objects by using the very unique characteristics of knit. The actual fabric, the pattern and the shape are produced at the same time and in one step, so it allows to influence all parameters of the design at once.
Semi automated domestic knitting machines from the 80ies are the perfect models for replacing their original controllers with Arduino based new electronics (huge thanks to AYAB). These are then connected with vvvv. The machine has 200 needles with every needle corresponding to one pixel in width while the length can be virtually infinite. The goal is to communicate with the machine constantly and to trigger the needles in realtime and line per line.
The workshop will cover an introduction to knit in general and hacked knitting machines in particular. We will explain the basic principles and show how to handle the machine, including various simple knitting techniques, from bi-colors to some less literal transcription techniques.
The focus is on coding and on developing (realtime) pattern generators. But of course some prepared machines will be waiting for you to create some small pieces of textile code to wrap around you…

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