Motors and vvvv

Motors and vvvv

How to control electrical Motors with vvvv.

Let’s move things! If you want to use your computer to actuate motion in the real world, most likely you will work with electric motors. In this workshop we will show you how to control motors with vvvv.

Part 1: Theoretical Basics

Using examples from our own projects and practical experience we will explain the general issues regarding motors and motor control. Some of the topics included, are:

  • Different types of motors: DC, servo- and stepper motors

  • Which type suits my project.

  • Connections: What do I need to connect vvvv and electric motors? Basic electronics + drivers.

  • Dimensioning: How much power do I need?

  • Positioning: Rotary encoders and steppers.

  • What about resonances, noise and heat?

  • Safety issues: What do you need to keep in mind if your installation has to run on its own?

  • Transmitting the rotary motion of the motor: Mechanical connections, linear axes, belts.

  • Adding content: How to combine graphics and motion.

Part 2: Hands On

In part 2 of the workshop participants can start patching and do little projects with Arduino and stepper motors.

Arduinos, motors, drivers and other material will be provided.

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