Plugin Development with Thirdparty SDKs

Plugin Development with Thirdparty SDKs

vvvv provides a plugin system for creating your own node. We can do that using dynamic plugins or an external IDE like visual studio. In this workshop you will learn how to create a plugin with a thirdparty’s SDK or library.


You can try the latest device or high performance software with various SDK for your projects. we will show you examples of it:

- anttweakbar (simple GUI inside vvvv renderer)

- metaio (Augmented Reality)

- sphero (Interactive Toy)

and more!


We’ll start from basics of plugin development, then build an original plugin with an external IDE from scratch. Particularly we teach you how to use an SDK written in C/C++.



Presumed knowledge

  • Basic Tutorials
  • basic knowledge of C# and .NET
  • basic understanding of the vvvv plugin interface


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Monday Afternoon
Naxoshalle, Ring