Shading Pointclouds

Shading Pointclouds

In interactive installations we often work with a 2D and 3D images of a moving users. The development environment of vvvv allows us to quickly connect those images to different nodes for further processing.

This workshop is an introduction into the countless possibilities, of how to convert the image of a moving user into abstract 2D geometries, pointclouds and 3D Objects.

vvvv allows to stream in camera images in realtime. Those images suit best for processing on a GPU. By connecting different GPU methods we are able to transform simple 2D images in huge pointclouds, including different lights, materials and behaviours. We will work with methods such as optical flow, particle behaviour, simplex noise, geometric instancing and geometric streamout in order to create abstract visuals and play with new forms.

In this workshop you'll learn how to build your own pointcloud visualization by the use of shader-chains. We will work on a group of essential modules which enable multiple possibilities to make moving bodies look stunning.

Kinect V2 devices are kindly sponsored by Kinect for Windows.

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