Soft Sensors for Soft Bodies

Soft Sensors for Soft Bodies

An introduction to building sensors that are soft, stretchy and fit to our fleshy human bodies to capture our movements, gestures and interactions with the world.

We can interact with computers through keyboards, mice and trackpads… but these devices limit our interactions to our hands and finger movements. What if we could use our whole body to interact with and control software such as vvvv?

Cameras and microphones are already common input devices that people use to interact with more of their body, in this workshop we look at placing sensors directly on the body to capture it’s soft and fleshy movements. Instead of using off-the-shelf sensors we will build our own textile sensors from a range of electrically conductive, resistive and piezoresistive materials. Participants will learn how to sew, knit and crochet their own textile sensors that can detect interactions such as push, pull, stretch, stroke, bend, tilt, pinch, punch and squeeze...

Building electronics from materials, rather than plugging ready-made sensors into your project, allows you to tailor interactivity to the body. Our bodies are soft, not hard, and soft sensors offer an interesting range of possibilities for on-body, inter-body and body-world interactions.

We will use the Arduino platform to read the values of these sensors into our digital devices, and show briefly how to connect them with the vvvv environment through the Firmata library.

Presumed knowledge

  • Basic Tutorials
  • basic understanding of the Arduino platform is helpful, but not necessary




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