vvvv meets G-Code

vvvv meets G-Code

how to use high-precision motor-control with vvvv 

Anyone who wants to use the benefits of industrial standardised systems that control Motors with high torque and precision, will stumble over the programming language G-Code. We developed a basic G-Code generator that allows vvvv to directly communicate with those Systems and enables you to control a wide range of Motors including routines to embed limit-switches, reset- and startUp-functions.

Why is this so interesting?

Any 3D printer or computerized Mill is a CNC machine that usually works with G-Code, the most widely used numerical control (NC) programming language. Most micro-controllers and motor-drivers in these systems read G-Code and convert it to motor-motion. Due to the long history in industrial production of G-Code, these systems are pretty unmatched in precision and reliability.

Unfortunately most CNC-based systems work like a normal printer. You create your file, upload it to the device and it produces the part until it is finished. It is usually not intended to change the predesigned path of the machine while it is running. Of course the only environment on this planet that is able to change this is our favourite multipurpose toolkit vvvv.

This is the main reason why we developed a G-Code generator in vvvv that can use the benefits of this systems and can do it in real-time!

We will bring one of our self-built 2-axis machines for demonstration and anyone can play around with it at the end of the workshop.


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