vvvv50 Rabbit Introduction

vvvv50 Rabbit Introduction

vvvv50 (50) is a new visual programming environment similar to but aiming to be the successor of vvvv45 (45) as we know it. In development since (on and off) ~5 years it has been created with a focus on allowing users to create more complex and solid projects. It does so by offering programming paradigms that have proven to be practical in object oriented and functional  programming, in a visual way.

Both the "snail" and "rabbit" introductions are essentially the same world premiere in that they offer participants the first opportunity to learn patching with 50. Only in the "rabbit" version we'll assume that you are familiar with programming concepts of textual languages (for-loops, generics, types, instances ...) while in the “snail” version we will take more time to explain those concepts that would otherwise just bore you. So choose wisely.

While 50s library of nodes is still rather limited (ie. no nodes for rendering or input-devices) we'll explain its new concepts and metaphors hoping to leave you with an idea of how you can still already make good use of it.

Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster from initial excitement through a valley of disappointment to arrive on a solid understanding of why and how this is going to change the way you code..ah..patch. Forevvvver.

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