Ways of Seeing (with Computers)

Ways of Seeing (with Computers)

Calibrating cameras, projectors and kinects. This workshop introduces Rulr, an open source node-based tool for calibrating artistic devices with the physical world. In order for these devices to deliberately manipulate space and matter, they must be sufficiently aware of their physical relationship with the world. Rulr creates geometric understanding between optical, mechanical and human objects.

Rulr is an open source software created by art studio Kimchi and Chips for use with VVVV or other creative coding toolkits. Users can create patches of nodes to calibrate cameras, projectors, tracking systems and other devices, or can develop their own nodes using openFrameworks and OpenCV.

Rulr's role is specifically built for measurement. Calibrations and scans are then imported into realtime environments like VVVV to create live artistic installations.

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