The World is our Canvas! Projection Mapping with vvvv

The World is our Canvas! Projection Mapping with vvvv

Projection mapping is the technique of using objects as a canvas for video content. This workshop is dedicated to exploring different methods and possibilities for mapping in vvvv, applicable for homemade experiments as well as large-scale projects.
We will cover corner-pin mapping by means of Homography, a basic concept for projecting onto flat surfaces in three-dimensional space, with badMapper (yes, the name is an allusion to madMapper), a tool built with vvvv.
Moreover, we will look into the possibilities of re-projecting virtual data on real-world objects. This involves creating a virtual model of the scene you want to use as your canvas and calibrating, thus aligning a virtual camera with the real-world projector(s). Any textures and lighting applied to the virtual scene will then seemingly be part of your real-world objects. This technique allows for complex and curved surfaces to be mapped onto.
Furthermore, it makes possible a 3D - illusion effect that is a very popular thing with projection mappings. We will cover what are the basic steps to creating this effect. All techniques will be presented in concept and with live examples.


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Mousonturm, Thorax